Our wholesale showroom is set up and ready for viewing when it becomes safe to do so.

While we are not actively inviting customers right now, we do have a safety plan & procedure in place for out-of-town clients requesting to visit our showroom to do their buying.

Please contact our office if you are planning a trip to Vancouver and would like to visit our showroom to view all our products.

In the meantime, to give you an idea of our showroom set-up, below are a few snap shots of our showroom.

To view more showroom images, please click here for the gallery


To prepare for your showroom visit:

  • Please do not attend if you have symptoms of Covid-19, NO exceptions. Upon your arrival, please sanitize your hands with hand wipes or hand sanitizer from our PPE station.
  • Regardless of your “mask” belief, in order to visit the showroom you must wear one throughout your time in our showroom to stay compliant with WorkSafe BC. We will ask you to leave our premises if you refuse to wear a mask while in our showroom.
  • We will only schedule one appointment at a time. You will not share the showroom with another client(s) to give your group and our staff enough room to move around in the showroom. Please limit your group to no more than 3 people in your party. 
  • If you happen to visit during the colder weather (Winter), please dress warm. We have to keep all windows open for air-flow & ventilation as per WorkSafe BC. We will do our best to keep you warm with complimentary hot beverages from Starbucks during your visit.
  • Because our showroom is an active part of our office we use the sample products for photography, for referencing orders, etc. hence the products are constantly touched. While we dust the samples on a regular basis we do not offer  any guarantees that every product is sanitized during your visit.
  • We have a PPE station loaded with disposable face masks, antibacterial wipes and disposable gloves which you can wear while touching the samples.
  • We offer complimentary lunch and/or snack in the form of a take-out from our favorite sushi restaurant Sushi Mura, McDonald’s, Popeyes Chicken or Starbucks (whichever fancies your group). No home-made food products will be offered.

We look forward to your visit and will make sure to infuse some good laughs to add levity especially during these trying times. Thanks for your consideration and kind understanding regarding the safety protocol in place.